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Sept. 29, 2022

Masculine Toxicity Towards Female Sports Fans

Masculine Toxicity Towards Female Sports Fans

Kristen Kimmick & Mario from Hashtag Sports Joins Ray’s Sports Rant

On today’s episode of Ray Sports Rant I talk with the president of Bills Mafia Babes, Kristen Kimmick about the abuse female sports fans face on Twitter. This interview was sparked by a tweet that Kristen sent out on Monday with screenshots of DM’s and tweets that were misogynistic in nature, and unnecessary. I ask Kristen what it’s like to navigate social media as a female sports influencer. 

I didn’t want to take up all of Kristen’s time talking about Sports Dudes. Kristen and I are joined by Dean Blundell Network podcaster and blogger Mario from Hashtag Sports to discuss the Buffalo Bills loss to the Miami Dolphins. I ask them to weigh in on the Bills injury list. We also discuss Buffalo’s upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens. 

Podcaster, Writer, Sports Director of the Dean Blundell Network. Host of Ray’s Sports Rant & Co-Host of Who’s Got Next. Covers Toronto Sports, NFL, Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, TFC, Raptors, & Bills (New England Patriots & FC Bayern fan / CFL hater)

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