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Aug. 6, 2022

When Your Mother-In-Law Is A Stupid Karen

When Your Mother-In-Law Is A Stupid Karen

Remember that time that the crazy lady was saying that thing that nobody on the planet cared about? Yeah, that just happened. Take a quick look at this video I found on TikTok.

When I watched this video and I looked into this woman's eyes, it reminded me that tomorrow was garbage day. That's the impact she made on me. 

This was one of those videos that you could tell this woman has been an idiot her entire life… I'm just happy that she doesn't allow her lack of education to get in the way of her stupidly…. Like come on lady, maybe you should have just taken the night off… Skip the video and don't embarrass your family.

Her son must watch this video and think that his mother is more disappointing than unsalted pretzel. 

If I was her son I would rather give myself diaper rash then allow my mother to come to my wedding or meet my children… that’s how embarrassing and ignorant this woman is

If you were to try and sum up the value that this woman brings to this planet it would probably be the equivalent of a participation trophy

You know when you just get those vibes from somebody and you know that they do stupid things. like, I look at this lady and I know that she’s the type of person that would take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time

I feel sorry for her son, I feel sorry for her daughter-in-law, I feel sorry for her grandchildren, and I feel sorry for every single person that I subjected this video to. The people who tolerate this woman in real life are the real heroes of this world. 

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