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July 31, 2022

VIDEO: Bills' Josh Allen had a dust-up with 314 lbs DT

VIDEO: Bills' Josh Allen had a dust-up with 314 lbs DT

Blog first appeared on deanblundell.com

NFL training camps are in full swing, and the Buffalo Bills have been making headlines with great catches and dust-ups.

Allen Delivering Dimes To Diggs Never Gets Old

Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL from top to bottom. His arm isn't the strongest, but it's strong. Allen isn't the best runner, but he's very dynamic. His toughness, grit, and improvisation skills are at the league's top. Put that all together, and Josh Allen is the best. 

However, you can't ignore that Allen took his most significant leap when the Bills traded for wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Even the greatest quarterbacks in their prime are as good as the weapons they have in front of them. Diggs is one of the best in the NFL.


The video above showed Allen delivering an absolute dime and Diggs taking a turn that would have earned him a lot of YAC. The Allen/Diggs combination will continue to be scary for secondaries all over the NFL. 

Allen Has A Dust Up With 341 lbs DT. 

Josh Allen is a tough guy, and he's not going to back down from anybody. Somebody should have told Bills' defensive lineman Jordan Phillips.


The dust-up turned into a whole lot of nothing. But you have to like Allen's competitiveness. Just for those who are wondering what sparked the shoving match. Phillips banged Allen during the play. Rule number one on any practice field; Don't touch the quarterback. 

You saw some guys jumping in a pile rather than breaking it up, and I'm okay with that too. Josh Allen is the franchise, and if you're a player on the Buffalo Bills, you have to protect him at all costs. Even against your team. 

The fight turned into nothing, and I'm sure it's over.