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Feb. 22, 2022

The NFL Needs A Farm System & The XFL Could Be The Perfect Partner

The NFL Needs A Farm System & The XFL Could Be The Perfect Partner

It’s not the deal I was hoping for, but the NFL is partnering up with the XFL. Though the deal is not intended to share players or use the XFL as a player development league, it’s still an interesting deal that could see improvements to the on field product for both leagues. 

I have been a big supporter of the NFL launching a developmental league, and it’s my hope that this partnership between the two leagues will eventually lead to that. Daniel Valente of The Score wrote a piece explaining what the current partnership looks like. 

“The NFL and XFL have agreed to a partnership centered around innovating the sport and protecting the health of players, the latter announced Monday.”

“The collaboration will involve physical and mental fitness programs, the study of playing surfaces and equipment, and the sharing of game trends and data. - XFL president Russ Brandon told ESPN's Kevin Seifert that the league will act as a "petri dish" for the NFL to try out innovative ideas surrounding safety, officiating, rules, and development.”

“The deal does not involve potential player sharing or the XFL being set up as a developmental league for the NFL, according to Seifert.”

Like I said at the top, I think that this partnership is a great first step towards the NFL eventually moving towards some sort of development league. I do want to know what everybody else thinks, let me know what you think of the partnership and what potential do you think it has.

In the video below, Producer Mike and I discuss the NFL’s new partnership with the XFL, and why it could and should lead to a developmental system for the NFL.