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April 19, 2022

Nobody cares about your fantasy team, and getting mad at players is ridiculous.

I know that your fantasy football team means a lot to you. I know that you spend a lot of hours trying to put together the best team that you possibly can. I know that your fantasy team gives you this feeling of control, power, and superiority over other fantasy owners. I also know that nobody cares about your fantasy team except for you. 

You know who really doesn’t care about your fantasy team? NFL players. 

No player ever wakes up on game day and thinks: “I have to go do this for everybody who owns me in fantasy”. The fact that we even use the word “own” when discussing another human being, shows you how deep down this fantasy hole we’ve gone, that we can’t even acknowledge that the guys we're rooting for are people. 

The only thing that matters to an NFL player is that their actual team wins the game. Travis Kelce wants to win a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce could care less if Kevin from Goodyear wins his company fantasy league.

If you’re one of those people who DM players after a game and whine about your fantasy loss, just stop it, you're embarrassing yourself and you don’t even see it. If you’re somebody who is issuing death threats because of fantasy football, you need a gigantic reality check, and you probably shouldn’t watch sports. There are way bigger issues in life. Just stop it. 

Treat players like humans, and remember that they will never care about your fantasy football team.