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April 24, 2022

DeVante Parker praises Mac Jones after workout: 'He’s got a nice arm'

After a disappointing ending to the New England Patriots season, some Patriots fans were very concerned about Mac Jones “Rahg Ahm” after New England took a pretty good beating from the Buffalo Bills in the Wildcard round.

For the more rationale fans, we knew that Jones had a rookie season, and we are all sitting back in anticipation waiting to see what type of jump he’ll make in 2022. 

New Englands’ newest wide receiver DeVante Parker has already given Pats Nation something to look forward to.

“He’s got a nice arm on him. A little zip in it,” Parker said of Jones during a video conference call. “It was just a great workout for all of us. It’s just good for me to start throwing with him early and get the timing down. The way he throws the ball — it’s not tough. He throws a catchable ball. … It’s something I’m looking forward to in the season.”

That is music to every Mac Jones fan on the market. It’s one thing for bloggers and podcasters to defend Jones and try to convince the masses that Mac has a nice arm. Coming from one of his teammates is the kind of endorsement that makes things pretty legit.

I’m fully aware that some people will say Parker said what he needed to say. I understand the argument. We’re not going to expect Parker to meet the media for the first time and say he has an issue with his new quarterback's arm. 

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has a stronger arm than Mac, but when it comes to finesse, you have to give Jones the advantage. 

I believe Parker when he praises Mac’s arm. I also think that people are underestimating the Patriots offense. I’m not saying that they’re going to be elite, I’m not even saying the Patriots are going to make the playoffs, but I think they’ll be a pain in the ass, and they’re not going to be an easy game for anybody.